Welcome to MaterialsMove.com!

Welcome to MaterialsMove.com!


Please celebrate with me in the inaugural launch of my website – MaterialsMove!

You can now find me at materialsmove.com

The website was tons of fun to create and with your input I can make it even better. Please share this with your community and keep your ideas coming!

Thank you!


Below is a little history behind MaterialsMove and why I started my own business
I come from an entrepreneurial family where we started businesses through personal integrity, hard work and a lot of creativity.  My passion for this industry began when I first started sewing materials together on my grandmother’s treadle sewing machine. Starting my own business now, after having spent many years working with well-known designers and top brands, is an opportunity for me to give back, and to share my knowledge with the industry that I grew up in.  

Why I chose to launch my business in the Pacific NW
The Pacific NW is in the heart of the sports industry so there is an immense talent pool and history of the industry that’s indigenous to this area. I want to leverage my experience and partnerships to support my global clientele base, and to continue the legacy of the industry here in the PNW. Together with my partners, we can create meaningful change.  

What’s the purpose of my MaterialsMove website
Creating the website has been so much fun!  It has been an opportunity for me to express my creativity through the use of photography as a visual language that transcends verbal and written communication.  Photography offers me the opportunity to convey ideas that can expand one’s thinking while relying on my technical side to really get the ideas across.

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