Raising the Bar of Excellence

Raising the Bar of Excellence

Linda Speaking ABIT

Over 400 professionals, academia and entrepreneurs joined together to elevate Brazil’s textile sector within the global arena.  Experts across the industry provided perspectives on a broad range of topics including Internationalization, Retail, Successful Partnerships, Materials Innovation, Process Innovation, and New Business Models. A strategic commitment to the textile sector was emphasized by Rafael Cervone, CEO of ABIT, as the opportunity to “change the world with clothing, fabrics and dreams, but always through people”.  You’ll find detailed highlights from the panel discussions on the ABIT website.

I shared with the audience about “Materials Innovation: Industry Trends” and spoke about the innovation potential of Brazil companies. My presentation focused around Process, Partnerships, and Products to deliver innovation in this sector. Some guidelines for leadership I suggested are to focus on areas of greatest impact and to think outside the box while utilizing empathy to drive progress.

“It was a truly a pleasure to participate in such an exciting event and be part of “raising the bar of excellence” within the textile industry!”


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