It’s about Progress not Perfection

It’s about Progress not Perfection


Arsutoria School is a world-leading design school for footwear and bags, based in Milan since 1947.  The philosophy at Arsutoria is to combine design talent with technical knowledge; and applied through materials and components, technical constructions, manufacturing and engineering techniques.


Arsutoria’s philosophy aligns well with a company’s sustainability journey, that is, to combine talent with knowledge to deliver better goods and services.  So it was a great pleasure for me to contribute to Arsutoria’s trade publication and share about my knowledge around sustainability. Here are some highlights from my article and a link to Arsutoria’s special issue focusing on different aspect of sustainability: Sustainability: It’s about Progress not Perfection

Key success factors in delivering more sustainable products include –

  1. Build sustainability into your business strategy. Then set goals to support the strategy to drive progress and change.
  2. Use a Sustainability Index to benchmark and measure progress. The Higg Index offers a suite of tools to help drive meaningful change for brands, retailers and suppliers.
  3. Imbed sustainability into the design process. Designers must be educated about better material choices and how to reduce waste. The designer “signals the intention” of the product so sustainability principles must be incorporated within their daily work.
  4. Educate, educate, educate! All functions of a business must increase their understanding of sustainability and the related business goals in order to drive meaningful change.

Thank you Arsutoria for fostering meaningful change in our industry!