PeclersParis – Shaping the Future

PeclersParis – Shaping the Future

Jennifer Karuletwa, West Coast Director of PeclersParis, shared a 3-5 year outlook of socio-cultural and macro trends, entitled “Shaping the Future” at the NW Materials Show in Portland, Oregon. PeclersParis, is a globally leading trend, style and innovation consulting agency with over 45 years of experience.peclersparis-5

Karuletwa first provided an overview of the methodology with which PeclersParis conducts its’ research and recommendations. Their team of experts identifies emerging signs, aesthetic preferences and shifts in consumer values; translating this to recommendations. The process is comprised of three camps: Key Trends, Innovation Territories and Business Implications.

Trend highlights that were presented evolved around the concepts of Self-Narration and Curation. These concepts focused on the consumer’s trends in their choices and their attitudes. Encompassed in these trends there is an appeal to the singularity and power of the individual and their sense of self. Self-Narration focuses on the crucial relation of the consumer building upon their notion of self. This concept evolves around the idea that products are indicative of personal views and of their own particular choices. Curation reflects on the idea that the views, ideals, and identity of the consumer are integral in the appeal of the product – resting on the notion that consumers curate their own life and identity.

The trends were expanded upon within the realm of Innovation Territories. Companies use Innovation Territories to augment and anticipate their markets and to create new products that appeal to their customers. Highlights of Innovation Territories include the use of nature as inspiration, a longing for sensorial experiences and the blending of technology with craft.peclersparis-rolls

Karuletwa shared that “people seek to be a part of something that is positive for the environment and want products to reflect that”. Seeking ways that nature has created particular solutions in order to cultivate a sustainable practice can be used as a model within an industrial context. Blending of Tech + Craft is a concept which centers on the effort to re-humanize technology and incorporate this into mass production. Materiality evokes the idea that the materials are integral to the enjoyment of the product; the material in-and-of itself as an experience.

PeclersParis is a truly an innovative company, demonstrating what is possible when one considers a socio-cultural approach to the design, production and consumption of consumer products.