A Remarkable Milestone!

A Remarkable Milestone!

It’s a remarkable milestone to celebrate the one-year anniversary of my business, MaterialsMove.  My grandmother, who worked in the millinery trade, taught me how to sew and shared her passion for materials with me, which led me to a career in the textiles industry.  Her act of sharing is a reflection of our industry, which is so much about inspiring and learning from each other.

This past year has been filled with the pleasure (and pain) of improving my skills in research, writing, public speaking, photography and technology!  I’m deeply grateful for the time each of you took to share a piece of your story with me.  Your expertise, humor and wisdom have propelled me forward.  I’d like to acknowledge each of you personally, however the list is so long!  A big thank you though to ARMomentum for their creativity in providing me with an awesome venue to share with my community.

A look ahead in 2017 includes some exciting plans!  I’ll be traveling abroad to get inspiration for my textile design work.  I’ll also be involved in launching an event based at the heart of the Sports and Outdoor industry here in Portland, Oregon, namely “Materials, the Voice of Design”.  And for the third year I’ll be participating as a judge for the Future Textile Awards, which coincides with Techtextil in Germany, recognizing achievements in the textile industry.  My sustainability journey continues with an industry leading publication which always raises the bar, EcoTextile News.

I look forward to our journey together in 2017.  Heartfelt wishes to each of you for a sensational New Year!

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