Signs of Spring: SS18 Color & Trend

Signs of Spring: SS18 Color & Trend

As the record snowfall begins to melt in Oregon…signs of spring are finally here!  Therefore, it’s only appropriate that I share some interesting content from Premiere Vision that recently took place in New York City. Following are highlights from Sabine Le Chatelier’s SS18 presentation. Also included are details from other trend publications – creating a more comprehensive report regarding select colors and trends.


Sabine Le Chatelier, the Associate Fashion Director of Première Vision, mentioned how dominant blues would be during the SS18 season.  She described the blending of blues and greens together, creating a transparency blur.  Greens have been very popular for numerous seasons, but in this season we will see them evolve from grassy tones to more icy and acidic hues.  WGSN reports on the contrast between light and dark, using the word “Psychotropical.”  When set next to Blues and Navy, these heightened and artificial greens with yellowish undertones take on an almost psychedelic effect.  

Psychotropical Trend

This Psychotropical trend is driven by the increasingly blurred line between what’s real and what’s virtual. It’s nature inspired, but exaggerated.  Bright colors are further heightened when set next to darks and dark browns.  The phrase mentioned by Le Chatelier was  “Urban Primitive.” She discussed how this contrast captures both the heat and the shade of tropical climates, while referencing an African influence.  These dark colors of black, navy, and deep green provide a lush base for these bright tones.  WGSN describes how this “dynamic juxtaposition of light and dark” is key for the SS18 season.  Le Chatelier went on to mention “Floral Vibrations” and an application of widely spaced motifs and patterns. Additionally, the season will exhibit a graduation of color–tender and bright two-tones blending together, but different than traditional tie-dye of the past.  

Key Colors- MENSWEAR

With regards to men, the SS18 season is defined by plant-like freshness, linen and pastels.  Lots of neutral and natural colors are applied together, creating what Sabine Le Chatelier called a “Tonal Fantasy.”  Tone on tone combinations provide versatility.  “In our current fast-changing world, tones that can be combined easily are essential for more versatile dressing.  The everyday uniform of the future is not a one-piece coverall, but an endlessly modular system with compatible colours.” (WGSN)  This tonal, fresh and lightweight combination of colors will be evident during this season.  More specifically, Le Chatelier used the phrase “Asphalt Flowers,” in reference to the use of khakis and blues as well as accents of pinks, purples, and olives.  She concluded with the statement that “dark brown is the new navy.”  Mens workwear silhouettes will become more modern and clean with the use and incorporation of core tones such as white and ecru grounds.  WGSN calls it a “contemporary and utility inspired palette that offers a sense of calm, comfort and easy everyday dressing.”

Casual Wear

Moving into casual wear, we will see lots of yellow, pink, and reddish tones.  Le Chatelier emphasized the re-emergence of orange as a key on-trend color for the season.  Solar tones will be very present from oranges to mauves.  Even greys will be warm and sunlit.  In reference to denim, she mentioned that indigo will be warmed by purple hues.  


Transitioning into activewear, we will see more artificial, chemical, neon greens this season, a mere evolution of neon yellow.  Metallics are definitely key for this active season, enhancing their solid-color counterparts.  According to WGSN, metallics are essential for elevating and evolving the Psychotropical, multifaceted palette referenced above.  This season’s palette mixes the crafted and the technical, the organic and the geometric, the natural and the non natural– earth brown mixed with chemical yellows and greens– unnatural brights set against deeper, darker jungle tones, creating a striking contrast (seen below).  Activewear features colors with a dual quality, such as “Earth Brown”, a red that appears almost brown.  Le Chatelier also discussed blurry colors within athleisure and yoga.  In fact, WGSN states that “blurred colors offer a more subdued take on the palette and appear as though they are speeding past.”

Photo credits: L Keppinger

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