Macro Trends + Material Trends

Macro Trends + Material Trends

Design Week Portland, which spans a full week in late April, is a “city-wide series of programs exploring the process, craft, and practice of design across all disciplines.”  This year I presented at Struktur, a 3-day conference held during Design Week, a venue for the outdoor, active, and urban design community. Through a partnership with Cordura brand, my presentation focused on how the history of Cordura is a catalyst for future innovation.

I shared my presentation in the context of four macro trends, and gave examples of how these macro trends inform many material trends that are taking place today.

Make It for Me

This macro trend is the expression of the Craft Movement, which appeals to consumers through the use of one-of-a-kind and handmade items. Consumers seeking a ‘modern take’ on heritage should take a look at the results of the Cordura and Woolrich partnership who teamed up to create a Wool-Dura fabric that celebrates their vintage hunting styles in a modern material for 21st century.

Show Me You Care

This macro trend focuses on the consumer’s evolving values. Consumers want to know about a brand’s footprint. The ability for a brand to connect at this level offers a stronger bond between the brand and the consumer.  Efforts around recyclability, such as pre & post consumer waste, are flourishing, as well as alternative sources of raw materials.

For Cordura Brand, sustainability simply begins with products that last. Jansport has been using Cordura Brand fabric since 1978 and was one of the first commercial brands to adopt it into their line.

Tell Me a Story

In this macro trend consumers care about the longevity of the products that they purchase, because they simply want their dollar to go farther and their purchases to last longer. Check out this interview with design legend, Douglas Davidson, who wanted to create a bag that was both lightweight and strong. The materials that Douglas selected for his new design includes Cordura Brand ballistic fabric and also TPX – a material technology that was inspired by the sailing industry.

Faster and Farther

This macro trend is about reshaping and expanding ideas beyond what we thought was ever possible for humans to experience. It’s a place where science meets art and is motivated by our imagination and delivered with technology. The Black Diamond Halo Jetforce Bag uses Cordura Brand fabric to provide added safety in avalanche tool kits.

By looking through the lens of these macro trends it becomes quite obvious that the future of durability is very bright! And it’s important to note – that the future of durability is limited only
by our own imagination!

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