Inspired in Brussels

Inspired in Brussels

The Grand Place, or “Grote Markt” in Dutch, is the central square of Brussels and considered to be the most beautiful square in Europe. I discovered that this distinctive setting encapsules the beauty of Brussels. With guidance of my former colleague, Marie-Laurence Stevigny, I discovered the elegance and ingenuity of Brussels through visits to her studio, local galleries and shops.

Studio visit 

It was wonderful to spend time in Marie’s studio. Marie is a Belgian fashion designer with an international career through collaboration with prestigious brands such as Nina Ricci in Paris, Bill Amberg in London and Nike among many others. We exchanged ideas and I was inspired by seeing her newest design work – a collection of supple lamb skin handbags.

Gallery time

Spazio Nobile is a contemporary gallery for Applied Arts, Design, and Photography. On display was a fascinating exploration around the concept of ‘additive design’. Sculpture, photography, ceramics and drawings explored additive in various medium – crystal, honeycomb, metal and ink. A highlight is the work of artist Tomas Libertiny who displayed his honeycomb sculptures.  The sculptures are created by the artist from raw honeycomb so then bees continue ‘building’ the shape as if it was their own home

An opportunity experience international and local designers happens this fall during Brussels Design September. Open studios, hands-on workshops and a distinguished speaker series is planned. Marie’s studio will be open so be sure to stop by and see her exquisite work!

The Magritte Museum is a dedicated to the work of Belgian surrealist artist, Rene Magritte. Magritte, a native of Brussels, is an artist very much worth seeing. The exhibit displays an outstanding collection of some 200 original paintings, drawings and sculptures. It tells the story of Magritte through the artwork from that period in his life. Additionally, the museum includes Magritte’s experiments with photography from 1020 on and the short surrealist films he made from 1956 onward.

A stop at Maison Marcy will allow you to bring home a one-of-a-kind gift for anyone you have in mind. I was a fun place with many unique items! I fascinated by the handmade, exquisitely crafted patches…a special way to customize your own look. At Moss & Bros, you can experience the charm of the Brussels while browsing for home and curiosity items. A selection of beautiful cotton pajamas (made in Italy) were available to choose from. And a stop by Maison Dandoy is a must! Select some of the most delicious biscuits to take home with you!

Brussels is a city very much worth experiencing…and is guaranteed to replenish your creative spirit!


With Marie at her local flower shop…”everything here is so beautiful!”


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