Storytelling with Materials

Storytelling with Materials

It was a pleasure to be featured in the Trendsetter section of Textile Insight‘s May/June issue.

I shared with Textile Insight’s Contributing Editor, Sue Belcher, about the use of storytelling as an important way for our industry to learn about materials. Storytelling offers hope and possibilities for consumers, and is a way for brands to connect more deeply with them. Materials provide a voice for brands and designers to tell the unique story about the performance, sustainability or trends of products that are being delivered.

My own story rests on how my grandmother, who worked in the millinery trade, instilled a passion for textiles in me. Her act of sharing is a reflection of this industry, which is so much about inspiring and learning from each other.

Some highlights from the Trendsetter article include –

  • Why storytelling?
  • What inspires me today
  • Some favorite materials
  • What we should focus on

Follow this link to read the full feature article!

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