Linda Keppinger, CEO & Founder of MaterialsMove, started her career as an innovative designer at age nine when she treadle-sewed her first dress, to now recognizable as one of the most influential textile business leaders in the world. Her innovative designs and solutions have proven she is a catalyst for materials moving into future technologies and sustainable pathways.

Linda is a world-renowned consultant because of her palette of creativity that leads to strategic product outcomes. Her custom designs, ideas and sourcing have influenced brands such as Pendleton, White Stag, and NIKE. Linda was the Global Materials Director at  NIKE World Headquarters, where she led the areas of innovation, materials, sustainability and product development, for products sourced in Asia and the Americas regions.

At MaterialsMove, Linda is moving materials into creative solutions for sustainable supply chains around the globe as a lead business consultant, educator and speaker. The truth of the matter is simple, “materials matter” so Linda is an expert worth talking to about how your company can make a difference. Leaders and designers everywhere love her strategic approach and texture-rich ideas.

Check out her Gallery at MaterialsMove, where she shares inspiration from the world around that is integral to her creative process. Whether traveling abroad or in day-to-day life, it's important that she has her camera with her to search for unique colors, textures, or architectural elements. While in her Studio, returning to these photographs offers inspiration and signifies the curiosity that is at the center of her work.